“I believe in zig zag careers. My career has been a journey from design to education, design and marketing, right into the dot com boom and digital roles.”

“With an entrepreneurial mindset and a decent head on your shoulders, you can go out there and create anything.”

“I love pioneering ideas that contribute to a better world.”



In this episode, Mike and Jim talk careers, entrepreneurship, mentoring and wellbeing. They discuss Jim’s ‘zig-zagging’ career trajectory, his work with young startup entrepreneurs and the desire to contribute to positive purpose driven change in the community.

Jim also speaks to Mike about his business mindset, his priorities and how he is able to successfully juggle spending quality time with his family, his fitness, mentoring and growing Tank.



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Jim is the Director of Strategy and Development at Tank as well as the co-founder of Australian startup Photify®. Jim also runs a popular online journal and strategy masterclass for young and emerging creative talent. 

Tank is strategic design firm and B Corporation who work specifically with purpose driven leaders. Using human centered design, strategy, UX design and brand development, Tank believes in supporting organisations to create positive future impact through authentic and meaningful advertising and communications.

The Business of Creativity is an inspiring journal and newsletter which Jim authors weekly, where he uses his extensive industry experience and no nonsense perspective to empower emerging and practicing designers and strategists. 

Jim's online Strategy Masterclass is a clever and human approach to strategic thinking, supported by case-studies, resources and intelligent frameworks that help participants up-skill at their own pace.


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