“Millennials see and tackle problems differently, which can be a powerful change agent”

“Our diverse young leaders are passionate and driven champions of change”

“There is a worrying lack of diversity at the top levels of management of our most prominent organisations”




Mike and Gemma discuss her journey from law into working with young people from refugee, migrant and Indigenous backgrounds at Melbourne City Mission. Gemma talks about her passion for leadership, development and helping empower young leaders.
Gemma explains how she was able to develop a creative social enterprise solution to funding issues. She also discusses the importance of growing and developing cultural capital and the need for businesses to learn from our young and diverse leaders.
With Gemma, we will learn about the unique challenges faced by not-for-profits, growing a social enterprise and the shifting mentality of the community sector toward profitable models of service provision. 


Gemma is a social entrepreneur and founder of CQ Cultural Consulting, which is under the auspices of Melbourne City Mission

CQ Cultural Consulting provides intercultural consulting, training, research and resource development. The CQ Cultural Consulting team are young professionals from diverse backgrounds with extensive intercultural experience and expertise.

Gemma started out as a lawyer, working as a criminal solicitor in Katherine NT at North Australia Aboriginal Justice Agency (NAAJA), before commencing as a Judge’s Associate at the County Court of Victoria. She then spent a number of years working at Melbourne City Mission, working mostly on social enterprise and impact.