"My journey began studying the impact of technology on the workplace and how people interact"

"The economy is the driver, technology is the enabler and organisational culture is a condition for change to happen in the workplace"

"The problem with the future is it’s not what it used to be… it’s like trying to buy a suit for when you’re 35, when you’re 10!"



Mike and Dr. Agustin have a wide-ranging conversation about Agustin’s career from Mexico to Australia in architecture and design.

They discuss the relationship between technology, design, space and culture in the workplace. Mike and Agustin also speak about the future of work, technology, cognitive computing and machine learning, including the ethics of AI and automation when planning for human needs.

Agustin gives some great insights on what the future has in store for skilled workers, computer-assisted professional services, AI and the intelligent organisation of the future.


Dr. Agustin Chevez is an Adjunct Research Fellow at the Centre for Design Innovation  at Swinburne. He is also a Senior Researcher at design firm HASSELL. Agustin’s experience combines industry practice with academic research in the field of workplace design.

His interest in the relationship between people, space and technology saw him pursue a PhD on the evolution of workplace architecture as a consequence of technology development at RMIT University. 

Agustin has been a speaker at TEDx Melbourne, is a regular contributor to The Conversation and has presented at international conferences and written for a range of academic publications.


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