“From a really young age I knew I wanted to be an Olympian, it was my passion and my dream”

“I like to be in control of my own destiny and being an entrepreneur, that is something that I really value”

“I always draw on the hard work I did in the pool when no one was watching for how I approach my business now”



Mike and Stephanie chat about re-envisioning success, purpose and living a life of meaning in this next stage of Stephanie's career. Stephanie shares her journey into entrepreneurship, how she is planning to create strong and enduring social impact through her business and how she maintains a winning mindset.

Stephanie gives an honest and open account of how she sees the world before and after swimming, how she balances her priorities and the simple things that matter the most to her.




Stephanie Rice is a triple gold medal winning Olympian, who retired from competitive swimming in 2014. Stephanie has since turned her career to social entrepreneurship through mentoring, public speaking and her children's swimwear brand, RaceRice.

Stephanie is passionate about encouraging others to lead healthy lifestyles and about giving back to the community. Her latest project involves teaching swimming through instructional videos and blog posts to poor communities around the world that have high rates of drowning deaths.


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