"There aren’t a lot of women in senior leadership positions, so what does success look like for a woman?"

"I want to make sure women never feel diminished because she’s the woman in the room"

"I knew what my why was… I just needed to work out my how"



Sheree talks about her move from corporate law into entrepreneurship, including time spent in social enterprise and working towards causes supporting women.

She shares her views on the challenges women face progressing in their careers and the emerging trends in the way we work and grow as a community.

Sheree is passionate about supporting women to thrive and is growing the One Roof co-working community to support this.




Sheree Rubinstein is the Co-founder and CEO of One Roof, Australia's leading co-working space dedicated to female-led businesses. Sheree is an expert in curating spaces, programs and communities that nurture and inspire female entrepreneurs to thrive.

One Roof has established a presence in 4 cities across Australia and the USA and built a global community of over 10,000 women. In 2015 Sheree was nominated as one of Australia's top young innovators by the Foundation for Young Australians and in 2016 she was awarded the Victorian Young Achievers Leadership Award.

Sheree is a member of Purposeful’s Advisory Board. Mike and the Purposeful team have recently moved into One Roof and are loving the community!

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