“Lawyers have always been generous with their time and giving where they can to help others navigate the legal system”

“Amongst younger people, there is a significant interest in making their career fulfilling by utilising their skills for good”

“We have strategically focused on doing our pro bono work with women and children and having a greater impact working with these clients over time”



Mike and Dan discuss Dan’s passion and career in practicing law in the pro bono and social justice context. They also talk about how the law and law graduates have changed over time in wanting to be engaged in more pro bono and volunteer work.

Dan shares his experiences in developing deeper relationships with not-for-profit and beneficiary organisations, and also speaks about the value of working on pro bono projects overseas.

Dan gives fascinating insights into the disruption of the legal industry too, and what the future looks like for legal service provision.




Daniel Creasey heads the Responsible Business Group, including the pro bono practice at Colin Biggers & Paisley Foundation. He is also a partner in the Insurance Group at Colin Biggers & Paisley.

He has been a speaker at the Asia Pro Bono Conference in Myanmar, the PBI Conference in the United States, the National Pro Bono & A2J Conference in Sydney and the NACLC Conferences in Brisbane and Melbourne.

Daniel also leads Colin Biggers & Paisley's thinking and response in the areas of business and human rights, environment and sustainability, inclusion and diversity, and community engagement.

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