"I’ve always had a sense of wanting to a make a difference in this world and most importantly to be kind"

"A lot of the time when you talk about working in a social enterprise, people don’t even know what that means"

"If you have an idea that inspires you, there comes a point where you have to stop thinking about doing and just have a go!"



Mike and Anne discuss Anne’s career, including what it was like transitioning from living life as a corporate lawyer in Ireland to a social entrepreneur in Australia.

Anne opens up about her motivations, her desire to create positive social change and wanting to have a real impact by helping social entrepreneurs to connect and thrive.

Anne offers her wisdom and sage advice to young social entrepreneurs and business owners and ends by telling the story of a young woman, whose life she was able to positively impact through her purposeful work.

We apologise for the blip in our audio around the 20:30 mark. We think the conversation on either side of this little glitch makes a great sandwich of content though, and hope you agree!


Anne Lennon, Co-Founder of Social Change Central! Anne is also General Manager of Social Enterprise Development and Investment at Fitted for Work.

Anne was instrumental in launching the She Works initiative as part of this role. Prior to this, she had a long, successful career as a corporate lawyer and like Mike, from Purposeful, welcomes the title 'legal refugee'.


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