"Working in the Jewish community doesn’t feel like work. It’s great fun and a real passion.”

“Having been refugees and asylum seekers in the past, our community understands and feels a deep empathy and responsibility to new immigrants our country.”

“Many of our young people in their late 20s to early 30s are getting a bit jaded with corporate life and want to use their skills to make a difference in society.”



In this episode, Mike and Gary discuss Gary’s career, which spanned from South Africa to Australia and building leadership and social justice in the Australian Jewish community.

Gary discusses Stand Up’s work with Sudanese refugees and 3 Aboriginal communities in Australia. Further, he talks about training the next generation of Australian social justice leaders and how to support entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to maximise their ability to create positive social change.

Gary talks about the commonness of the “quarter life crisis” and how Stand Up are trying to help people find meaning in their work and to create more of a difference to their community.




Gary is CEO at Stand Up - an organisation focused on mobilising the Australian Jewish community to become active in pursuing social justice causes in the wider community. He is also a member of the ROI community.

Gary has spent a lifetime working in the Australian Jewish community to create positive social change. Much of this has focussed on fostering community cohesion by working with aboriginal and refugee groups.


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