“We believe that the best way to address local poverty is to find and back local leaders… impact entrepreneurs”

“Backing local ideas and enterprise is the best way to lift communities out of poverty”

“I love people and the opportunity I have to create change in the short time I’ll have whilst being alive”



In this episode, Mike and Elliot discuss Elliot’s career journey from the corporate world into the not for profit space, his personal inspirations and life philosophy.

Elliot talks about the need to focus on local solutions to global problems such as poverty, education, health and safety and infrastructure challenges. He discusses YGAPs approach to finding, training and funding local impact entrepreneurs and how they are making a difference around the world.

Elliot touches on some of the best advice he’s ever received, role models, mentors and his approach to getting the most out of each day.



Elliot Costello is a social entrepreneur who, in 2008, co-founded YGAP.

YGAP believes a world without poverty is possible. A world where everyone receives a quality education, can earn a fair wage and live in a good home, free from violence and preventable disease. 

They find and support impact entrepreneurs changing lives in some of the world’s toughest communities because they believe local leaders have the solutions to local problems. 

Elliot has been invited to speak at the United Nations (UN) in New York and at several UN and leading social enterprise conferences across the Middle East and Asia. He is a leading voice on youth issues, social entrepreneurship and innovative fundraising in Australia.



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