“Mindfulness has really helped me to find my inner purpose”

“Each day up to 15 times a day I find it important just to pause take a breath and realise where my mind is at”

“Mindfulness is about paying more attention to your life and your senses” 

“Humans have recently dropped below goldfish in their attention spans!”



In this episode, Mike and Emily discuss Emily’s journey into mindfulness.  Emily talks about her university years studying positive psychology and happiness and her unexpected encounter with mindfulness and subsequent dedication to the practice and science.

Emily discusses her daily mindfulness practices, her understanding of how mindfulness can improve our lives and how it might assist us in our own search for purpose and meaning.

We discuss distractions, mindless practices, our diminishing attention spans and how to ensure we give ourselves time for reflection and contemplation.



Emily is first and foremost a mindfulness and wellbeing consultant. She is a nationally registered Clinical Psychologist, grounded in mindfulness and wellbeing science.

Emily tailors mindfulness and wellbeing science workshops and courses for schools, corporates, health settings and community organisations. She blends traditional therapeutic interventions with wellbeing science theory and practise. 

She consults to corporates and schools on how they can embed mindfulness and wellbeing science theory and practise into their communities, sees individual clients for mindfulness and wellbeing science coaching and support, and is a content consultant for non-profit Smiling Mind.  

Emily currently facilitates six-week mindfulness courses with Vitalise Psychology in Richmond, and facilitates meditation classes at the one-of-it's-kind, mindfulness-infused mind-body studio, Happy Melon in Armadale, Melbourne.

Emily is energised by taking concepts grounded in science and making them accessible to everyone. She places value in creating content that is engaging, relevant and fun. Emily derives personal meaning from helping people gain awareness into themselves, their world and their potential.


TWITTER @EmilyCToner